Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space clearing means clearing a space, object, or individual on an energetic level.  It is an ancient art that has been practiced in many cultures – from India, Bali to Peru, Morocco, as well as in Native American cultures.  There are numerous ways and materials used for space clearing. By burning certain herbs, candles, and/or using diffusers in a space the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke dissipates so does the negative energy.  

Why clear a space?

Just like you want to vacuum or dust your place or wash your body, energy can linger after intense or difficult events and can use a little extra help to move along or dissipate so it doesn’t linger and have or cause any after effects (ie. Divorce, death, illness, depression, moving, leaving a job, etc).  Smudging is a wonderful practice before a gathering or celebration to help open minds and hearts and dispel any lingering negativity. It can renew old stagnant energy and replace it with vibrant light filled energy.
Space clearing is most successful when your intention is clear.  I will meet with you prior to the clearing so that we can set your intentions.

I use a combination of tools for a space clearing: diffuser with essential oils, sage, palo santo (the “holy wood” from a tree that grows in South America), candles, drums, singing bowls, song, feathers, meditation, essential oils and/or flower essence sprays, crystals, and salt.  Each session is unique just as each individual is unique. For this reason there is no set price for this experience.  


$155 for a 1 hour clearing. 

This includes a 20 minute consultation ahead of time to set your intentions.  For any additional time $50 per 30 minute increments.