“I was quite skeptical about IT WORKS! until after my first wrap, I lost 1.5″ in less than an hour. The next day I measured again and lost another 2”.

It seemed like the inches kept melting away! I was hooked!  I’ve been learning about this company ever since.  The more I learn the more I continue to be impressed by the quality, all natural, botanical & herbal products.  The integrity & beauty of the company and the people I have met have been amazing.

IT WORKS! has helped me find an inner piece of joy that I hadn’t realized I had been missing.  Sharing health and helping people find their own inner peace has always been a passion of mine.  To find a company that embraces that mission on a global and environmental level as well as a financial level is empowering beyond my wildest imaginations.

I am loving IT WORKS! Global and I’d love to share it with you!  Let me know how I can help you attain your goals.

Light & Love,
Tina Seay

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