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Sweet November Specials


Teton Manual Therapy welcomes November!

We have a Sweet November ahead of us with some pretty sweet deals..

1.5 Hour Massage for $100*
* $187.50 value

& back by popular demand..

Ion Foot Spa $1 per Minute
15-30 minutes available

Call (307) 690.7700
to book your appointment today


Spooky Special

Spooky-Special-8.5x11Teton Manual Therapy is offering a “Spooky” Halloween Special you won’t want to pass up..

$1 per minute Massage – between 15 – 90 minutes available

Ion Foot Spa Available to detox after the Halloween party – 15 – 30 minutes to pull toxins


This special is good until Halloween day, Oct 31st

Call (307) 690.7700 to book your appointment today

Did you know??

According to the September/October 2013 issue of Mental Floss, “that tobacco will still be useful when we stop smoking and chewing it. Nicotine has been used as an organic pesticide for many years. Tobacco has medicinally uses as well. New neurological research shows that nicotine my helpĀ  by Alzheimer’s patients by stimulating receptors associated with cognition and memory. Other studies have found that eating foods that contain tiny amounts of nicotine, like tomatoes and peppers. could help protect neurons and prevent Parkinson’s disease.”