Habits for Happiness

Central-America-Monarchs-Photo-1-flowerShannon Dale
Certified Health Coach
(307) 413-9577

My true desire in life is to share my love, experience and knowledge with others; to live a life full of gratitude and service; and to be open to learn the lessonʼs life has to offer. That’s what inspires my business Habits for Happiness. From the knowledge I’ve attained through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and  from my 13 years of experience giving in-home care to the elderly, I have gained a unique perspective on how habits play into creating our day to day existence. Every thought, feeling and action is creative energy we send out into the world. The more of the same kinds of thoughts, feelings and/or actions we send out, the more of the same that comes back into our lives. My program helps identify what your habitual thoughts, feeling and actions are, and helps you develop positive habits, so you can create a balanced and happy life.

Here are a few ways I would like to support your journey:

• being an active listener and friend

• helping you acknowledge and appreciate how awesome you are

• helping you realize your dreams

• setting goals to achieve your dreams

• creating a healthier diet, so you can feel and look great

• giving you tools to help you de-stress

• revitalizing areas in your life that feel stagnant

• teaching you the power of love and gratitude

• helping you create a foundation of healthy habits


Along with offering all the above services, I also offer energy work. I have been giving Reiki and other forms of energy work since 2007 and I have been teaching Reiki since 2011. I have found that energy work is a helpful tool that aids in releasing old habits and reinforcing healthier ones. Some other benefits of energy work are:

• reducing stress

• calming anxiety

• pain reduction

• strengthening the immune system

• creating a sense of well-being

• deepening spiritual connection


Pricing is as follows:

I offer private consultation for the rate of $60.00
my 6-month program is $110.00 a month
for bi-weekly sessions group sessions are $70.00 a month
for bi-weekly sessions energy work sessions are about an hour and fifteen minutes long
and are $70.00 the rates of workshops and classes vary.

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