Habits for Happiness

Welcome Shannon to The Connection!

I have gained a unique perspective on how habits play into creating our day to day existence. Every thought, feeling and action is creative energy we send out into the world. The more of the same kinds of thoughts, feelings and/or actions we send out, the more of the same that comes back into our lives. My program helps identify what your habitual thoughts, feeling and actions are, and helps you develop positive habits, so you can create a balanced and happy life.

Check out the events we have going on with Habits for Happiness for the rest of the month of August and September.

Introduction to Energy Work
August 30th
270 Veronica Lane
Jackson, Wyoming

Creative Healing and How to Manifest your Dreams
September 5th
270 Veronica Lane
Jackson, Wyoming

Reiki I  Certificate Class
September 14th
9:00 – 5:00pm.
270 Veronica Lane
Jackson, Wyoming

Letʼs Talk About Love (open discussion)
Topic: Are your ideas of love hurting you?
September 20th
by donation

Creating Healthy, Happy Habits

Bi-weekly Group Session
September 26th
270 Veronica Lane
$15.00 per session